There are a lot of people out there that are constantly trying to keep up with the Joneses and are trying to do what they think that they need to do in order to accomplish goals and ideas. That being said, how do you make sure that you’re dealing with your finances and your debt appropriately? How do you know that, no matter what, it is going to be worth the time and effort that you put into the work that you’re doing? Here are 4 tips that you can use to get out of debt and take care of your finances.

1.    Get out of Debt. This may sound easier said than done, but before you can do anything else, you need to get your credit cards and such under control. Credit cards can be a huge trap if you aren’t careful. Why? Because it doesn’t allow you to do the things you want to do, and sometimes it’s so bad that you can’t do what you need to do either. Debt becomes a ball and chain, where only making minimum payments just pulls you deeper and deeper into it. Get rid of it as quickly as you can, for the most financial freedom you could gain.

2.    Make a Budget (and stick to it!). This has proved to be more difficult than you would think. You may be able to make a budget with the best of them, but sticking to it? That proves to be more difficult for many people, no matter how much or how little experience that you have with making that happen. But for optimum financial freedom, you need to be able to stick to the numbers on that little piece of paper and keep up with everything that you want, or need, to be able to accomplish.

3.    Make a point to save. This is the result of having a well-done budget that you follow. Part of your budget should always be how much you are putting in some sort of savings account. You need to make a point to do this in case of any emergencies or so that you can invest in your own future. The best thing to do is to go ahead and make sure that you have three months of living money waiting for you in an account if and when you need it.

4.    Make a point to give. This is something that has been proven to be more freeing than any other financial tip that you can work with. Why? Because giving money and possessions away helps you to be a little less clingy with what you have. Now, don’t be silly and give to the point of having nothing, but some of your budget should be giving to organizations or being generous to others (taking a friend out for a meal, etc). The mentality of giving frees us to own our possessions, instead of our possessions owning us. This makes it easier to deal with debt and allows us to get the most for our efforts.