If you’re that keen with your words, you won’t need a translator to work out what a kanteen is.  At first glance, it even looks like a spelling error, doesn’t it? But let us look at this a little closer, just to make sure. At first glance, it might look as though your klean kanteen refers to a rather clean canteen. That could be your own kitchen or your downtown bistro’s kitchen. But it is nothing of the sort. In actual fact, it’s just one clean bottle or canister.

It’s a bottle that is completely free of BpA, and it’s made of high quality stainless steel, a rather durable and sustainable material indeed. For babies, and for you, it’s also quite safe because if baby should drop the bottle, it doesn’t break, and there’s no broken glass to step on or clean up. They are safe to drink from as well. The bottles are not made from any toxic materials. Should you for any particular reason decide that your baby has outgrown the bottle, and you have no further use for it, you should know that you can recycle the bottle as well, one hundred percent.

Stainless steel, in general, does not emit any harmful substances. It has no impact on the taste of water or milk being stored in the canister either. This is probably why it remains popular for use in food preparation. Apart from being free of BpA, it’s also free of phthalates. BpA is a chemical that’s used in epoxy resins applied as protective layerings in food packaging. Phthalate is usually used in perfume, glue and ink, and is colorless and doesn’t smell.

If used, these substances could cause harm or irritation to your baby’s skin and eyes and affect its ability to breathe properly. If used generally, it is known to also have a potentially harmful impact on the development of unborn babies during the pregnancy period. The klean kanteen range, not just for babies, you can use them too, therefore come up trumps over many other alternatives. That’s the beauty of being environmentally friendly.

Not only are you avoiding the use of harmful materials and chemicals, you’re also utilizing materials that have been sustainably manufactured, sourced and supplied. The abovementioned materials may harm a child’s health, but it can also cause damage to the environment. Naturally sustainable materials do no damage to you and your children’s life. The other thing well worth mentioning about klean kanteen devices is that they’re affordable too.

As longer lasting utensils, they don’t negatively impact your budget either. Being environmentally friendly means that you are acting responsibly and as you adopt the use of new sustainable products, you become rather clever as well. You make new discoveries on how you can play significant and yet hardly noticeable roles in cleaning up your environment and reducing your carbon footprint. So doing all of this, you’re helping to create brighter future for your baby as well.

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